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Customer conference Skypec Northern Regional Branch 2016
Date Posted: 30 - 12 - 2016

In the evening of December 14, 2016, Skypec- Northern regional Branch had held the annual customers’ conference to show the gratitude to Skypec’s clients and customers in Noi Bai.

Nearly 100 representatives from NAA, CAAV, NIA, NOC, VAECO, VIAGS, NAFSC and more than 30 airlines who are loyal customers of Skypec Northern Regional Branch had participated in the Conference.

Mr. Nguyen Son Ha, Director of Northern Regional Branch of Skypec had welcomed all of the representatives who had come to the party and send his gratitude to the people who had contributed to the success of the Branch in 2016.


Mr. Anand Daniel, Chairman of AOC Noi Bai, thanked the leaders as well as the staff of Skypec for their devotion to provide the best service to the airlines they serve.


Some images from the events.





The event organisers hope that the Customer’s conference of 2016 would show Skypec Northern Regional Branch’s appreciation to the customers and leave them with good impressions and memories.