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Into-plane service


Skypec provides Jet A-1 fuel for all Vietnamese airlines and more than 60 foreign airlines operating in Vietnam. The average total sales of Skypec have reached around 1,500,000 tons/ year. Skypec’s Jet A-1 fuel is provided by renown refineries in Vietnam and Asia.

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Fuel from famous suppliers like Shell or Sinopec is tested in accordance with the standard procedures of Skypec before stored in dedicated tanks. The fuel is then transported to airport depots using Skypec’s designated tank trucks.



With more than 40 years experience in the aviation refuelling industry, professional staff, modern facilities, large storage capacity and well serviced refuellers, Skypec is confident with the ability to meet high requirements from customers.

Managing fuel quality

Before entering tanks in Airport depots, Jet A-1 fuel passes through a system of water separators before tested using EI 1581 standard. The quality of fuel is showed in Recertifications in accordance with Annex 12, JIG issue 11.


Fuel quality testing 

Skypec’s Jet A-1 fuel meets Vietnamese National Standard TCVN 6426 and quality requirements of aviation fuel used for general operating system (AFQRJOS):

a/ DEF STAN 91-91 of Department of Defense

b/ ASTM D1655-06d