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SKYPEC participated in IATA Aviation Fuel Forum, May 2017.
Date Posted: 08 - 06 - 2017

From 16th to 19th of  May, 2017, Skypec’s representatives had participated in IATA Fuel Forum in St Peterburg, Russia as a Strategic Partner of IATA.

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IATA Fuel forum, organised biannually, is one of the major events of IATA. 800 representatives from aviation businesses all over the world attended the Forum.

The Forum was an opportunity for airlines to connect with clients, partners and specialists working working in the aviation industry all over the world. Together, they exchange  knowledge and experience, as well as  update latest information about the emerging trends of the aviation fuel industry.

IATA 2017

Skypec highly valued this opportunities and viewed it as a chance to meet, discuss and receive feedback from experienced businesses and experts. The information gained from the forum would help Skypec enhance the service quality to meet customers’ higher demand.

The IATA fuel forum was also an invaluable chance for Skypec to meet and connect with airlines, fuel suppliers and resellers, unveiling many important business opportunities.

Image and article: Marketing & Sales Department
Translation: Ngoc Khanh.