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Skypec has a system of coastal and airport depots in major seaports and 17 civil airports across the country.

Our storage system includes:
  • In the Northern region: Dinh Vu depot, Thuong Ly depot, Hai Linh depot (Hai Phong)
  • In the Middle region: Lien Chieu depot (Da Nang)
  • In the Southern region: Thanh Le depot, Nha Be depot, Cat Lai depot.

All depots have a system of tanks for Jet A-1 storage and a qualified pipeline system that meets the requirements of Joint Inspection Group (JIG).

The tanks are tested regularly and audited annually by airlines, IATA and the Civil Aviation Authorities. Skypec is investing intensively in the depot system, both in terms of technology and storage capacity in order to meet the higher demand and requirements of the competitive market .