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Aviation Refueling

SKYPEC is proud to be the leading supplier of air fuel in Vietnam to all domestic airlines and over 100 foreign airlines operating to and from Vietnam. It has over 40 years of experience in its air refueling service with highly qualified and professional staff, modern technical infrastructure, modern refueling equipment as well as the system of advanced fuel storage facilities while the storage capacity is constantly increased. The control and supervision centers of SKYPEC apply scientific and technical advances in their management and operation such as smart supervision system with integrated GPS and trip surveillance, smart camera on digitalized refueling vehicles, smart warning cameras at fuel storage facilities at airports. As such, their operation meets international standards established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the growing demand of the customers. 
SKYPEC presently operates 4 international standard testing laboratories where the fuel quality is strictly controlled up to international and national standards in compliance with “air fuel quality requirements for jointly operated systems”(AFQRJOS) adopted by the JIG before delivery to the customers. The air fuel is supplied to the airlines in two ways: refueling by vehicles and refueling by the hydrant system.  
SKYPEC, for several years, have been operating according to the criteria “SKYPEC – Brand of Trust”. The company always acts in the interests of its customers and strictly implements what it undertakes to do for its customers and wishes to continue to cooperate with them on the principle of equality and mutual benefits. In so doing, SKYPEC wishes to keep its development trend and become a trustworthy companion to domestic and international airlines. 
Furthermore, SKYPEC is the sole company in Vietnam entrusted with the task of supplying air fuel to those aircraft that fly important national and international VIP flights, also to those aircraft that fly special flights to carry Vietnamese citizens back home from countries affected by some pandemic. With high professionalism and full responsibility, SKYPEC has strictly abided by conditions laid down by the concerned governments and has excelently and safely performed the tasks of refuelling VIP and special flights.
SKYPEC has confirmed its leading position in the air fuelling service in Vietnam and has always been keeping and bringing into full play its core values of “Safety – Professionalism – Productivity - Trustworthy – for Community”. In the time to come, SKYPEC will continue to enhance the refueling service quality by means of standardizing and improving all elements of the service in order to satisfy its customers, thus keeping its position as the leading company in the air refueling market and its “Brand of Trust” image that it has built and retained since its establishment and in the course of its development.

SKYPEC has long been the air fuel supplier to all domestic airlines and more than 100international airlines at 18airports throughout Vietnam and 4international airports in Korea with qualified international standard service, which include such major airlines as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, Korean Air, All Nippon Airways, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways,…. with the capability of serving around 214,000flights per year, maintaining a total annual output of nearly 2million tons of fuel and an annual growth rate of over 10percent.