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About skypec


Vietnam Air Petrol Company, first known as VINAPCO, was established under Decision No. 768 / QD-TCCBLD, April 22, 1993 of the Ministry of Transport; and officially went into operation in July 1993. On June 9 1994, the Company was re-established under Decision No. 847 / QD-TCCBLD by the Ministry of Transport. It was assigned the function of direct import and export of petrochemical products. Gradually, the company overcame difficulties and competitiveness of the market to developed and became a prestigious supplier for both International and Domestic Airlines in Vietnam.

On July 1st 2010, Vietnam Air Petrol Company became a one-member limited company operating under company law (Decision No. 1045 / QD – Board / TCTHK on 25.05.2010 of The Board of Vietnam Airlines Corporation on the restructuring of the Company into Air Petrol One-Member Company Ltd). It began operating as an One member company Limited,from July 1st 2010, with the charter capital of 400 billion Dong, owned by Vietnam Airlines Corporation.

The company operational objectives was to continue to develop and maintain a leading role in the industry of fuel supply. We thrived to meet the demand of all our customer domestic and international airlines, traded other petroleum products, preserved and developed the equity invested in the Company, met other obligations, and contribute to the development of the country economy.

We developed and operated in many different business lines: Providing Aviation fuel and refueling services in all civil airports in Vietnam, both domestic and international; trading petrol and other petroleum products; transporting petroleum and petroleum products; gasoline blending; exporting petroleum products, including materials, spare parts and chemicals; gasoline specialized equipment; extracting and processing oil; manufacturing and selling gasoline technical equipment; Leasing of office, hotels, commercial services and other businesses in accordance with the law.


In 2009 and 2010, Vietnam Air Petrol One-member Company Ltd invested more than 20 modern refueling vehicles imported from USA, expanded the storage capacity of Jet A-1 by 60,000 m3, invested in a modern laboratory at Tan Son Nhat Airport, continued additional training of high-quality human resources, reviewed technical documents and refueling processes to refine the system and ensure production safety. With the devotion of our leaders and staff, and kind cooperation of customers, the company operated efficiently, brought about positive outcomes for both the company and our customers.

On 22nd Dec 2015, Vietnam Air Petrol Company Ltd changed the brand name from VINAPCO into Skypec, in accordance with Decision No 585 / QD-BOD / TCTHK 28/05/2015. With nearly 1300 well-trained employees, Vietnam Air Petrol Company has been the leading fuel supplier for Civil Airlines in Vietnam. Fuel is imported from renowned suppliers from Singapore, Thailand, China…In order to meet the strict quality standards of fuel for aircraft fueling, the company has invested in building 5 laboratories that meet the International standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, capable of performing 11 test standards. Our operation follows ISO 9001- 2000 Quality management System and is re-rated with ISO 9001-2008. The company has also been investing and equipping modern refueling vehicles and aviation fuel transports exclusively to secure our fuel quality and fueling services at all civil airports. We have also invested intensively in the coaster depots, transportation, fuel farms and airport depots.

Skypec operates under the core values of “Safety- Professionalism- Productivity- Trustworthy- For Community”, respects the interests of customers, and acts as a reliable partner for domestic and international airlines. Going through a long history with several major changes, Skypec still stands firmly as the number one aviation fuel supplier in Vietnam.  We take the commitments we made with our customers very seriously, and thriving to strengthen the cooperation for mutual benefits and sustainable development, building Skypec into ‘A brand of trust’