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Skypec keeps providing refueling service to special flights and cargo flights between Vietnam and other parts of the world

In the present extremely difficult situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the top management of SKYPEC is resolved to retain all its staff and is ready to run its full service once the market flourishes again. In so doing, the top management has worked out and implemented several plans which include those to reduce expenditure, adjust revenue, stretch and/or procrastinate spendings if practicable, allow more staff days off by turns, work online and temporarily delay the contracts as the concerned individuals wish.
Being the leader in the air fuel supply market in Vietnam, to keep the flow of the national economic arteries by providing air fuel service to Vietnamese and foreign airlines is a very important task for SKYPEC. The top management always gives priority to the prevention of and the fight against the pandemic in order that the entire staff can stay healthy and safe while continuing the business activities.
SKYPEC always stands ready to provide refueling service to those special charter flights that carry medical supplies and health equipment, flights that come from the pandemic-affected areas and cargo flights of various airlines. Therefore, all its human resources, facilities and equipment are best mobilized, thus contributing to the generation of the company’s revenue in the present very difficult time.
Refueling Airbus A380 to welcome European citizens home from Wuhan
Refueling Brunei charter flight
Refueling Brunei charter flight
Refueling the flight that come from the pandemic-affected areas at Can Tho airport 
Prepare to Refuel the flight that come from the pandemic-affected areas at VanDon airport
As such, during February and March 2020, SKYPEC provided refueling service to more than 700 flights that came from the areas affected by the coronavirus pandemic while the health of the refueling staff remained secure from the disease (all safe and sound after going for a full health check after work). Besides, SKYPEC also served nearly 200 domestic cargo flights and international cargo flights between major cities of Vietnam and some Asian and European countries. These were all-cargo flights that used Boeing-787-9s, Airbus A350s and Boeing 747s without passengers and cabin attendants while the cockpit crew members were fully equipped with necessary protective gear.

Refueling cargo flight at Tan Son Nhat International airport
Refueling Aerologic cargo flight at Tan Son Nhat International airport
Refueling cargo flight at Cam Ranh International airport
Refueling cargo flight at Da nang International airport
Refueling charter flight at Can Tho airport

At the present time, the frequency of Vietnamese domestic flights is drastically reduced and regular international passenger flights are temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19. In such a situation, SKYPEC has come up with and carried out various plans to serve such flights as cargo flights, charter flights to fly home Vietnamese citizens abroad, those to fly foreign citizens back to their home countries from Vietnam and other special flights as directed by the competent authorities. Refueling staff are equipped with necessary protective gear and refueling service is readily available to all customer airlines in order to contribute to the smooth air traffic domestically and internationally. Thus, in spite of the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, SKYPEC is resolved to continue its business activities.
While the coronavirus pandemic still goes on in a complicated way that affects many business communities in Vietnam, all staff members of SKYPEC, with firm confidence and strong will and are of the same mindset with the top management, are determined to fight the coronavirus. Their determination is being manifested in their continued business activities and their accomplishment of all tasks they are entrusted with. 
Text: SKYPEC office staff       Photos: SKYPEC branches