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Recently on May 2023, SKYPEC as a Strategic Partner of International Air Transport Association (IATA) officially attended the Aviation Energy Forum in Seattle, USA.

   Aviation Energy Forum is an annual conference held by International Aviation Association IATA with the participation of hundreds representative from airlines and fuel suppliers around the world.
                                 Skypec attends seminars and discussions at the Aviation Energy Forum
          The Forum with key technical and commercial topics of the Aviation Fuel industry was presented by prestigious organizations and experts of the International Aeronautical Association IATA. Forecasting of market demand, global fuel supply chain, new policies of renewable energy or transitioning from refuller truck to hydrant fuel system... are the main topics of Commercial Session. Beside that, the Technical Session focused on introducing the latest technologies in the field of aviation fuel and combating climate change, developing clean energy, etc. 
                         Skypec delegation meeting with customers while attending the Aviation Energy Forum

        In the forum, Skypec delegation had the opportunity to meet partners as airlines, suppliers, and agents in the field of aviation fuel, contributing to promoting cooperation opportunities, seeking potential markets as well as investing in equipment, facilities for SKYPEC's supply and logistics activities. 
                           Meeting with World Fuel Service partners in the Aviation Energy Forum

         While attending the Forum, Skypec delegation took the valuable opportunity to meet and listen to direct feedback from customers and partners, thereby constantly improving the quality of service to meet the needs of customer and ensure international standards. Aviation Fuel Forum organized by the International Aviation Association IATA provides an opportunity to meet and exchange between strategic partners and partners, but also a place to update information about market demand as well as the latest technologies for aviation fuel supply worldwide.
Photos and Writer: Sales & Marketing Department – Skypec