SKYPEC - A brand of trust !


   The "Conferences to express gratitute to customers and business partners" recently took place at the 3 branches of Vietnam Air Fuel Company Ltd (SKYPEC) in a solem, warm and friendly atmostphere with participation by more than 300 invited guests from SKYPEC's partners and customers. These conferences, in a designed programme, are held annualy with a view to showing SKYPEC's gratitude to its important customers and partners for their partnership and cooperation with SKYPEC throughout the year.

SKYPEC Deputy Director General Nguyễn Văn Luận participating in the Conference at SKYPEC's Central Regional Branch.
   Expressing gratitude to SKYPEC's partners and customers invited to the Conference organised at SKYPEC's Northern Regional Branch, SKYPEC Deputy Director General Trần Minh Tuấn said :" Since its establishment over 30 years ago, SKYPEC has always held and maintained its leading position in the air fuel supply and air fuelling service market in Vietnam. In such a long period we could not have recorded any achievement without your partnership with us and your trust in us. In returnfor your trust, we have always whole-heartedly tried our best to make new investments in order to constantly improve our products so as to provide you, our customers, with the best and the most highly professional services."

SKYPEC Deputy Director General Trần Minh Tuấn speaking at the conference at SKYPEC's Northern Regional Branch
   Also at the conference, Mr. Kim Won Sock representative of Korean Airlines said :" I myself have worked in many countries and have cooperated with many different fuel companies before I came to Hanoi. But I am sure that SKYPEC is the best air fuel company. It is my first time I have a chance to work with an air fuel company that perfectly cares for its customers by meeting all its customer's needs. SKYPEC always follows strict safety procedures. Fuel vehicles always come at appointed time and workers are very professional. Therefore, I am quite pleased with SKYPEC services." 

Mr. Kim Won Sock, representative of Korean Airlines speaking at the Conference.
   In this year in particular, prompted by the fact that many airlines wish to get to know about Phu Quoc market, SKYPEC, in collaboration with the People's Committee of Phu Quoc town and with Phu Quoc Airport, has met representatives of more than 30 airlines that operate to and from Vietnam to present to them the potential development of the flight network to and from Phu Quoc island.

Representatives of the People' Committee of Phu Quoc town and those of various airlines at the working session.   
   At the gala dinner in honour of SKYPEC's customers and partners at Southern Regional Branch, SKYPEC Deputy Director General Nguyễn Anh Dũng reaffirmed :" SKYPEC is a prestigious company and the leading air fuel supplier in Vietnam that has an extensive network covering all 18 airports in Vietnam and we are the only Jet A1 supplier at Phú Quốc Airport. We have made synchronous investments in the Phú Quốc Airport infrastructure right from the first days of the airport operation so as to meet the growing need of our customers; and we have constantly improved our professional services to ensure safety and punctuality of the flights. On behalf of SKYPEC, I would like to offer our gratitude to our customers and our thanks to Phú Quốc town Administration, to all parties operating at Phú Quốc Airport, and to the Airline Operation Centre (AOC) in Vietnam for their support and cooperation.

SKYPEC Deputy Director General Nguyễn Anh Dũng speaking at the Conference at SKYPEC's Southern Regional Branch.

Broad view of the Conference at SKYPEC's Central Regional Branch.
   Speaking at the opening ceremony, SKYPEC's Central Regional Branch Director Nguyễn Danh Biên remarked :" In 2 years after 2020, there was not only the pandemic but also the multiplicity of unfavourable factors in geopolitics, wars, global economic recession, which have made the recovery of the airline business more difficult and still a long way off. In such a situation, I feel that I am quite lucky to have a chance to read the memoirs of Mr. Chung ju yung, the founder of Hyundai Group who developed and led his group along to make achievements which wereevaluated to be " unprecedented in world history"; he is one of the notables who have contributed to making South Korea an Asian dragon; and during his business build-up, he had to pass through upheavals caused by wars, natural calamities, political instability, economic recession...but he never gave up because he always thought that "there never be failures - all are trials" and "it is one's self control, will and and energy that decides"  

SKYPEC's Central Regional Branch Director Nguyễn Danh Biên speaking at the Conference. 
   The Conferences on gratitude to customers and partners are held every year by SKYPEC as the occasions for the company to express its sincere and heartfelt thanks to its partners and customers. The Conferences this year have left good impressions on all invited guests and consituted a tremendous motive force for SKYPEC to constantly improve its application of digital transformation with a view to enhancing its service quality, thus meeting its customers' more demanding requirements, and continuing to confirm its leading position in the air fuel market in Vietnam.     

   Some photos of the Conferences on SKYPEC's gratitude to its customers and partners:
Some photos of the Conference at the Northern Regional Branch on SKYPEC's gratitudeto its customers and partners

Some photos of the Conference at the Central Regional Branch on SKYPEC's gratitude to its customers and partners

Some photos of the Conference at the Southern Regional Branch on SKYPEC's gratitude to its customers and partners.

Texts and photos: SKYPEC's three regional branches