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SKYPEC provided refuelling service for VIP Flights during APEC

The 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Week (AELW) with the declaration: “Creating New Dynamism, Fostering a Shared Future” took place in Danang city from 5th to 11th of November. About 14,000 representatives from 21 economies participated in the forum, including 2,000 formal representatives and 5,000 representatives from different businesses.

Vietnam Air Petrol Company Limited (Skypec) provided refuelling service to all VIP flights during the APEC Week. Skypec was awared of the political importance of the task, and set high priority within the whole company as well as in the Middle Regional Branch.

The manager board of the company had directly monitored the preparation for the operation, from ensuring the quantity and quality of the fuel to providing abundant refuellers and refuelling staff throughout the APEC week in Da Nang. Skypec regional branches also played an active role, working closely with other ground handling services and units in accordance with Civil Aviation Authorities’ and other authorities’ regulations. Skypec is a renowned company for its ability to meet the fuel demand, both in quality and quantity, especially the ability to meet strict demands when serving VIP flights.

With the devotion and hardwork from the staff and management board, Skypec has successfully served all the VIP flights and charter flights, ensuring safe and professional service. Skypec successfully provided refuelling service for 395 flights, including VIP and VVIP flights, as well as charter flights flying from 19 out of 21 nations participated in the APEC week.

Some images of Skypec serving VIP Flights during the APEC Week 2017.

Skypec serving Russia VIP Flight

Skypec serving China VIP Flight

Skypec serving Japan VIP Flight

Skypec serving Japan VIP Flight

Skypec serving Korea VIP Flight

Skypec serving Papua New Guinea VIP Flight

Skypec serving the Phillippines VIP Flight

As the chosen refuelling service provider for many of the world’s leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping, USA President Donald Trump, Japan minister Shinzo Abe…, Skypec once again proved itself to be the leading refuelling service provider in Vietnam. Skypec is continuing to enhance its service quality in order to meet customers’ higher demands as well as all the strict standards while serving VIP flights