SKYPEC - A brand of trust !

SKYPEC- The story of a brand name

During its 25 years of becoming the market leader in the aviation fuel market and more than two years since its brand name changed into a strong, professional and internationally recognized brand name, Vietnam Air Petrol Company Limited (Skypec) has continuously expanded its network and refined management in order to improve the quality of services, attract new customers, and affirm its leading position in Vietnam marketplace.

Affirming core values

“A Brand of Trust” is Skypec’s slogan and commitment to the quality of its products and services. Over the years, the company has gained wide recognition among airlines for the quality of their fuelling services, competitive price and responsiveness to customers’ demands.

SKYPEC general director Nguyen Manh Tuan said, “To become a leading Jet air fuel supplier in the current trend of international integration, Skypec has made great efforts to strengthen its network. Skypec invests in infrastructure and equipment, improves the quality of human resources and manager training, while regularly updating legal regulations on the aviation industry in general and the jet fuel market in particular, and expanding the markets at home and abroad.”

Accordingly, to meet demand for Jet A-1 fuel, SKYPEC has renewed fuel supply management systems, including the QMS-certified ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam-adopted DOC 9859 and AC 003 safety management systems, and the AOSC-certified ISO/IEC 17025:2005 lab quality management system applied to its four labs. All labs are equipped to meet AFQRJOR’s current requirements. After quality check, Skypec’s Jet fuel is provided to airlines via refuellers or  underground fuelling systems.

To keep up with the rapid growth in the aviation market, SKYPEC  thrives to provide services effectively, safe and timely. The company has continuously upgraded the supply chain by renewing fuellers and storage facilities, increasing tankage capacity and establishing control centers. In the first quarter of this year alone, the company provided a number of new refuellers for the airports in Dong Hoi, Tuy Hoa, Lien Khuong, Da Nang, Phu Cat, Pleiku, Thanh Hoa and Phu Quoc.

Skypec has also fuelled VVIP Flights of Vietnamese party and state leaders, as well as those of foreign state leaders during their visits to Vietnam.

On July 11, 2018 Skypec fuelled the inspection flight to Van Don International Airport in Quang Ninh Province and is ready to provide fuel for all flights operating at the airport after its official opening in the coming December.

Renovation for development

The company changed its brand name from Vinapco to Skypec in 2016 with a new vision to keep pace with the current trend of Industry 4.0 and rapid changes in terms of aviation technology. The company has quickly implement information technology and new scientific achievements in management and operation, e.g. GPS and camera smart control system and automated Jet A-1 fuel tank measuring and warning system.

According to General Director Nguyen Manh Tuan, to compete and develop in the current market,  in the short run, Skypec will continue to invest in aviation fueling facilities such as fuel storages, fueling trucks and labs, while applying technology in operation. The company will further train and retrain the staff’s ability to use technology and become more professional.