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       On 22 November 2022 Vietnam Air Petrol Compny Ltd. (SKYPEC) held a Workshop on Digital Transformation - Management Information System. The Workshop was chaired by Mr. Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn, SKYPEC's Communist Party Secretary cum Director General, and directly attended by other SKYPEC top management board members, by members of lower management levels and the likes working at SKYPEC head-office. On-line participatingin the Workshop were persons at various management levels working in SKYPEC branches.

        In a digital transformation process by a company, the "making of a data-based decision" is not only a very important factor for SKYPEC but also for any other business entity today. To make a "good decision", the company needs a good quality data system which is sufficient, correct and timely. In addition, the data need to be made intuitive so as to give useful information that provides a detailed view for the company's top management to make decisions.   
SKYPEC's Communist Party Secretary cum Director General Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn chairing the Workshop
       The management information system (MIS) is built on a concentrated database which connects all SKYPEC's important softwares including those for cargo management, financial control, human resource management, control of material and means, digitalisation of fuelling vehicles, and future digitalisation of fuel stores; for the development of the management report system which would meet the need in management and operation by all SKYPEC's low and high management levels, thus enabling us to have a direct visual observation of the company's business activities; for the effective supervision, surveilance and evaluation of SKYPEC business operation and financial situation, thus contributing to keeping our company highly competitive. 

SKYPEC's Technical Department introducing MIS and updating the process of data visualisation as required by the management work

SKYPEC's Department of Supply and Dispatch presenting its Management Report System, a practical application based on the company's common database

       The Workshop discusses ideas and opinions presented by various units for upgrading and effective use of the MIS.
     To end the Workshop, Director General Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn entrusts all SKYPEC's branches and units with the urgent work of carrying out in depth studies in order to assign concrete jobs to digital transformation specialists so as to urgently upgrade the MIS.SKYPEC's digital transformation objective for 2023 includes the methodical upgrading of the MIS that follows a planned itinerary based on the connection of data alignments, which is aimed at enhancing the management and operation quality, and effectively improving the customer services.    

The whole view of the Workshop
Text and photos: Event and Communication Department